The Non-Formal Education Toolbox for Online Teaching will enable teachers to integrate non-formal working methods in formal education pathways to make the most engaging use of online spaces of participation, education and shaping meaningful relationships.

The toolbox includes:

  • 12 online ice-breakers;
  • 12 online energisers;
  • 12 non-formal learning activities to be adapted according to the discipline;
  • 3 non-formal assessment methodologies, background texts, references, and direct web-based links to useful sources of information;

Each activity is composed of two pages.

  • The first page is for the name, description, and approximate time of the activities. It is also possible to indicate tools and resources.
  • The second page is for step by step guide, goals, and tips.

You can find here the ToolKit in English, Italian, Greek, and Slovak.